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Holistic Equine Therapy with Raindrop Technique
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

For many years now, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the amazing benefits of the Raindrop Technique, created by Gary Young, the founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils.

Now you can bring that same love and therapeutic benefit to your horses.

What is Equine Raindrop Therapy?

Equine Raindrop Technique is based on Gary Young's revolutionary aromatherapy application, it focuses on the unique structural needs of the horse's anatomy.

It's a simple, yet powerful, treatment for your horse. It enhances the immune system, alleviates pain along the spine, and generally invigorates the horse.

Advanced aromatherapy for your horse
Gary Young's Equine Raindrop Technique states that the purpose for doing the Equine Raindrop Therapy is to strengthen the horse's immune system.

Equine Raindrop Technique leaves the horse with an aura, an energy of healing and vibration, so the horse will not get sick, as follows:
  • Emotionally uplifting for the horse
  • Smoothing and soothing to sore muscles
  • Detoxifying
  • Relaxing to the muscles along the spine, helping it to realign

Raindrop Technique® is a wonderful, holistic treatment for horses and dogs!

Nine powerful Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are dropped like "little raindrops" and massaged into the spine relieving muscular tension in the body. This procedure originates from an ancient Lakota Indian Healing Technique adapted by D. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils.

The Essential Oils enhance the systems of the body and deeply energizes and detoxifies the body as well as balances the electrical body. The therapeutic grade essential oils used support the immune and nervous system and are designed specifically for topical application.

Raindrop Technique® was developed as a result of research indicating that many forms of spinal misalignments are caused by muscle spasms due to bacteria and viruses originating in the spine and the tissues along the spine. Very effective if your horse has been vaccinated and/or has toxins within the body, Raindrop will allow the systems to detoxify naturally.

Eliminate chemicals from your horses and pets' life by using therapeutic grade essential oils on a daily basis. Invest in the health of your animal as well as yourself by ordering your products here.

Want to do something really wonderful for you and your horse?
- November 1997: D. Gary Young, N.D., President Young Living Essential Oils

"I have raised animals all my life and presently have several miniature horses as well as four teams of draft horses. I also have pygmy goats, Barbadoes sheep and llamas at my ranch where I reside. On my 1300 acre herb farm at Whispering Springs in Mona, Utah, I have an animal petting zoo with Bactrian camels, zeeboos from Africa (miniature Bramas), Watusi cows and bulls, Walleroos (miniature kangaroos), llamas, buffalo, miniature donkeys, as well as horses and goats. As you can see, we have a wide variety of animals.

We have used the oils extensively on many of the animals and are continually making discoveries. The animals respond extremely well and we feel they have benefited greatly.

In my experience, I have found that animals respond to essential oils much the same as humans. Animals are not as sensitive to the phenol and sesquiterpene constituents so they can be applied "neet" or full strength. One needs only to determine which oils are applicable to the situation and then apply a few drops 3-4 times daily.

The amount for small animals like cats and dogs is like the application for a child: 3-4 drops each time applied. For larger animals like large dogs apply 6-7 drops. For horses, apply 15-20 drops.

After applying the oils, I have found it beneficial to cover the open wound with gentle care using Rose Ointment, which keeps the skin soft and helps promote the healing.

    I have applied the oils in the following ways:
  • Apply on their paws where the absorption is very fast.
  • On cloven hoof animals apply on the auricular points of the ears and/or spine or both.
  • Underneath the top lip on the gums and on the tongue.
  • Sprinkle a few drops on the spine and then massage into skin, just like with humans.

For various problems I have experimented with the following oils:

In the News.....
From The Equine Journal, Fall Issue #37:
"a wonderful way to keep horses healthy and comfortable in their bodies"
"It is my intent to compliment your primary veterinarian's health care program...
It is your responsibility as a horse owner or trainer to take part in your horses' physical and emotional health...Make sure you are aware of what is happening to them and why."

Natural Horse Magazine, VOL 3-ISSUE 1
"Equine Raindrop Therapy is an enjoyable and educational video with a clear presentation of a useful treatment that can be readily performed at home." "The benefits are evident in the horse's responses as the therapy is being applied to him." Introduction to Complementary Veterinary Medicine, Southeast Equine Monthly, July 2002 - By Susan Rifkin Ajamian
"We want to give you an overview of many complementary therapies available, including chiropractic, acupuncture, hoof and mouth balancing, and body work. We will explain what they are, suggest when they can help, and how to find a competent practitioner (with some training you may be that person)."
"Aromatherapy is a safe, gentle, non-invasive and effective therapy you can begin using with a little knowledge. Even aromas too subtle to be consciously detected can have significant effects on the central nervous system. Aromatherapy can help with emotions, muscle soreness, infections, and more."

Dr. Mack has a video called Equine Raindrop Therapy.
In this video Dr. Mack speaks about Raindrop Therapy being a preventive medicine as well as therapy. She explains that essential oils are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and emotionally uplifting. Dr. Mack’s video on Equine Raindrop Therapy is available to order on-line:

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